(Guitar, Vocals)


Tommy was born in Tynemouth in June 1957. He got his first guitar at the tender age of 7, along with a copy of Bert Weedon’s book “Play in a Day”. He eventually learned to play at 13.

Listening to the radio, he admired all the greats of the time: The Beatles, The Stones, even The Monkees. 

He admits his best period was the early 70’s. Glam Rock came to the fore. T Rex, The Sweet, Roxy Music and others really inspired him. Armed with some glitter and a makeup bag, he began playing at school and local venues and clubs.

He played with a few bands over the years, playing clubs, bars and quite a few charity concerts, but still wanted to join a “real’’ band. 

For the last six years he was playing around the North East with an electro acoustic ukulele band Heading For Oblivion. 
They played at venues such as The Whitley Bay Dome, The fringes of The Mouth of the Tyne Festival, various pubs and clubs.

It was at this point he was asked to join The Counterfeit Sixties. He said, “I’d love to”.

 His dream of joining a real band just came true....